Ten Great Sites For Keeping Up With Music With WiMax

Access to truly mobile technology is not something you want, but it is a reality for most people Tubidy. We live in an age of remote work, where mobile phones are just as useful for internet access as laptops, and where any new device is as close as anything to what Douglas Adams imagined books to be when he wrote “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Technology isn’t all about apps or other devices. Technology is about accessing steady internet at all times, regardless of where you are.

WiMax is a much faster wireless connection than the usual Wi-Fi. For music lovers on the move, WiMax is the best way to access the best online music sites. These ten best sites work even better when you’re on the go.

Dollar Bill Jams – A blog that focuses on the best bargain records. Sometimes the tracks are great hits and other times they’re close to misses. They’re both worth it.

All Songs Considered – If you haven’t heard NPR’s music program on the radio recently, you can head to their website to find podcasts and MP3s of all kinds from around the globe. There are also occasional live concerts. It’s also free.

Beatport – This is the place for electronic music lovers who want to shop. You can find everything from deep house to classics here for as low as two dollars a pop.

TurntableLab – Perhaps the best way for electro-hipsters to use their WiMax connection is Turntable Lab. It allows you to discover the next best underground track and have it in heavy rotation months ahead of your friends.

Pandora – Looking for a radio station that can predict what you like to listen to next? Pandora is a big buzzword. While streaming is a bit more complicated with regular wireless internet connections, it’s easy to stream from faster ones.

East Village Radio – More underground than Pandora, but still incredibly diverse, East Village Radio isn’t as concerned with catering to your needs. Instead, it focuses on providing obscure and incredibly well-produced shows that cover everything, from obscure German techno to guilty pop pleasures.

iTunes – This is obvious. iTunes offers everything, from celebrity playlists to MP3s for free, and it knows how to keep up with all the latest innovations. It might not be obvious, but iTunes has everything.

Stereogum – It has managed to be a serious cultural zeitgeist and it is a great way to find out what your teenagers are talking to about when it comes time to discovering new bands.

Radio David Byrne- Every Williamsburg hipster should listen to this radio station while they are at coffeeshops. It’s curated by David Byrne (Talking Heads frontman, and the most funky white guy alive), it truly is a mixture of almost everything.

Disco Demolition is a smaller blog that allows you to listen to disco or discover more obscure remixes that will impress your friends and even the dancing crowds.